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   The Olive Branch is home to my son, Bob.  He is a handicapped adult that has found a home there and is happy, comfortable, and has lots of friends.  I’m his mom and that’s all I want for all my children. 
                                                                    -Nickie Davis

            Our son moved to the Olive Branch a year ago and it truly is “home.”  We learned of it through a mutual friend of parents whose son has lived there for several years.   It is a family-oriented and Christian anchored, with a caring staff that is very involved with the residents’ many activities and everyday life, both work and play.  There are a lot of opportunities for learning and doing such as sports, Special Olympics, camping, crafts, volunteering, and church activities.  It is a place to grow, to care and share, work, play, and learn.  We are glad Jeff is part of the Olive Branch family.
                                                                     -Ann Wallentine


            We are thrilled to have our son Bob at The Olive Branch because it is like a close knit family, that is loving and caring.  It is well rounded, where they have a balance of work, play, volunteering, and receive Christian guidance. 
                                           -Floyd and Carol Peterson


            Dear Cyndi and Steve,
                It is always good to hear your happy voice!  I am so grateful to you for all your care and concern for Scot. 
                                                Love, Marge LaBrec


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Call Cynthia Howell at
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The Olive Branch
New Beginnings, Inc.

is licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services as an Assisted Living Center. In addition, the Olive Branch is a non-profit, faith-based corporation and has been designated a 501(c)(3) organization by the Internal Revenue Service. All contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the IRS Code.

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